[PANN] If An Yujin became a flight attendant

It would do great for her too.
It suits him very well.

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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: If An Yujin became a flight attendant.

1. [+116, -22]
An Yujin looks like the flight attendant of Asiana Airlines, CS KoreanAir. Let's vote, come on. I think she looks like an Asiana Airlines stewardess.
2. [+41, -8]
Am Yujin seriously looks so fucking innocent. She looks like an actress who hasn't done any work ㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+37, -70]
She and Jang Wonyoung will do well no matter what they did. Even if you just left these two in the desert, they could survive somehow.
4. [+16, -5]
Wow, but she seriously looks like she has the ideal stewardess look I'm thinking of.
5. [+12, 0]
I saw her on Crime Scene and found her good at communication. Her face would match anything they gave her.

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