Super Junior's Ryeowook and Tahiti's Ari are getting married.

article: Super Junior's Ryeowook to marry Tahitian Ari in May

source: Insights through Instagram + Nate

[+116] I wish you a happy life????

[+71, -3] Congratulations^^ How special it must be to see an idol grow into an adult and start a family with the woman he loves. I wish you a happy family~

[+50] what?

[+23] I can't believe he's already 38!! Haha, it's a great age to get married~ Congratulations~!

[+21, -1] Is he the third member to get married after Shindong and Seongmin? He has had no accidents for 20 years since his debut, and he is a really likable friend.

[+15, -3] yes yes yes

[+9] I was a huge Super Junior fan in middle school and I remember watching all of their shows. There was a broadcast that predicted that Ryeowook would marry someone born in 1994, and when I scrolled down to the article, I saw that Ari was born in 1994, which is amazing ❤️❤️

[+6] I don't know who both of them are

[+5] congratulation!!! Oh oh oh

[+2, -1] I read that her real name was Tahitian Ari and I thought she was marrying a Japanese person.

[+1, -0] congratulation

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