Violence continues to escalate in schools


Article: School bullying reported in Kyungnam… ‘victim spat on, urinated on, assaulted’

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

Four 16-year-olds were arrested for abusing a 15-year-old boy, who was found assaulting him in their dormitory by spitting on him. in the shower, cutting his hair with weapons and threatening his life. with them, beat him with wooden swords/sticks and fighting gloves, and try to suffocate him with soap.

[+2,088, -6] Bullying in schools should be tackled by bullying in schools. These bullies should do the same to them again. That is the only type of treatment that works.

[+1,7712, -7] Please just delete them. We can punish them and punish them for everything and they will still be the same people when they get out of prison. There is no recovery for these children.

[+1,683, -27] They should be sent to Samcheong re-education centers

[+31, -2] Age does not matter in situations like this. Punish them to the fullest extent of the law. They will only grow worse if we let them.

[+28, -2] Jail them. No need to settle. They need to know that we all pay the price for our crimes.

[+25, -0] Their parents should be punished. Someone has to pee on their parents while being forced to watch.

Article: [Exclusive] Video of gang rape of young elementary school girls… “Do you feel like you’re going to die? ㅋㅋ”

Source: JTBC via Nate

The assault on a 13-year-old schoolgirl was arrested and released on bail, with the conspirators justifying their actions by claiming she was late for their date. Students are also seen hitting him, punishing him, jumping up while headbutting him, lifting his clothes, and choking him. . The attackers were an 18-year-old man and four young students.

[+1,448, -8] Child protection laws aside, they all have batteries for brains

[+1,245, -10] These children are already criminals when they are assaulted. This is why we need to get rid of the child protection law.

[+1,135, -7] Just kill them all

[+64, -0] Release all their identities

[+62, -0] Just watching the video makes my hands shake with anger. How scared was that little girl?

[+59, -0] Free their identities and spread this video everywhere they go so they can no longer function in society.

[+50, -0] Ah… if this was my daughter, I would have taken revenge on them

[+32, -0] Oh, I’m so angry.. how can these young ladies… do all these things? I can’t stand the anger

[+20, -0] For a group of schoolboys to assault a schoolgirl like this… they lose a lot. Because they are young, their crime is not different in the eyes of the law.

[+19, -0] Does anyone really believe that children like this can be rehabilitated? They are nothing but evil in our society, and I hope they die

[+19, -0] He must have been scared… ㅠ

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