[INSTIZ] Do idols only choose people with a lot of hair?

To be honest, I'm worried about hair loss these days, so I only notice idols' hair.
These people seem to have their heads full.
You must have dyed and bleached your hair a lot.

Source: Instiz / translation: Ketizenstars

Article: Do idols only choose people with a lot of hair?

1. All have extensions or partial wigs.
2. Because it is an extension
3. Everything in the salon is extensions and treatments.
4. I honestly wonder how the pubic hair is so dense. Especially female idols. And they have to maintain a very strict diet.
5. No, no, the idols' heads are pretty empty.
6. First of all, most of them are extremely difficult… Most of them also wear extensions.
7. It's true that most people have extensions, but you can tell by how tight the top of the head is and how many hair follicles there are… Even if it's not too tight, it seems like there's at least an average amount of hair. Hair… I'm most jealous of the sparse crown.
8. It's all fake lol
9. But you can't hide the hair part…
10. I am most envious of how tightly and tightly your hair follicles are connected to each other.
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