[INSTIZ] Kim Yoojung really has it all

She has a pretty face, a good body, a good personality, she is good at acting, drawing, singing, she takes care of her sunbaes and donates regularly. She is simply the perfect woman

Source: Instiz / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Kim Yoojung really has it all.

1. Wow, his aura is crazy. Yoojungie also talks super cute! I won an invitation to see her play, so I went and she greeted us after the show with a noteㅜ. She moved me.

2. She's really too prettyㅠㅠ I always gawk at her when I watch her dramas.

3. I think she is smart. Seeing how there have never been bad rumors about her is impressive. She is good at handling herself.

4. She is seriously the treasure of our countryㅠㅠ.

5. She seriously has everything. She is very pretty now and seems to be in her legendary days, but she feels that her true legendary days will come in the future.

6. She's very pretty and she's also good at actingㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

7. She is the most perfectㅜㅜ

8. I really like Yoojungie. she is just nice

9. She is also good with words, so she is also good as an MC. She is the prettiest celebrity in my eyes latelyㅠ I'm waiting for her next project…

10. The baby has already grown upㅠㅠher aura is crazy.
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