Park Min Young donates 100 million to the cancer center

Article: Park Min Young donates 100 million won to a cancer center after playing the character of a cancer patient in 'Marry My Mars'

Source: Understanding through Instagram

[+573] His controversies aside, his achievements are amazing and should be commended

[+37] I think it's better than no donation, but just because you're paying your way through a scandal doesn't mean it's going to go away.

[+33] Praise among controversies… Does it destroy itself and reduce to nothing, then?

[+32] Is she as wrong as anyone today? Hatred in the ex, not in his fault for choosing the evil eye for partners.

[+21] I mean, the Bithumb thing, and they think it's using its bank, is a huge deal if you really think about… fighting for it…

[+22] Recycled image

[+14] Isn't that an excuse? Why is he involved in it?

– [+2] Because they think it's a bank account

[+11] It's amazing, I hope it helps those who need it

[+9] All I can think about now is her block

[+5] I hope that as he moves forward in his life he chooses better partners…

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