Hani, criticized for her overly casual wedding guest outfit

article: Hani's 'wedding guest' outfit controversy… Casual outfit, casual pose

source: TV report through Nate

[+128, -31] Ah, we all know that a lot of adults attend weddings, but I felt like my image would get worse if I wore this to my friend's wedding… There's a reason why people always tell me to wear a dress.

– [+14, -2] And look at that pose, sigh.

– [+14, -4] Here's what people mean when they ask if you grew up in a barn.

[+56, -12] She's really weird. I always feel like she's trying to look so cool and free-spirited, but it feels fake to me.

[+54, -23] The bride will treasure this photo forever. If you're going to act this way, you might as well not have gone at all.

[+43, -5] I dressed like this yesterday to walk my dog ​​haha.

[+17, -29] Well, I think this was taken in the bridal waiting room taking pictures with close friends.

[+3, -0] I guess I just came here to eat.

[+3, -5] Everyone seems happy, and people should be minding their own business. I'm trying to figure out what to wear as a guest at someone's wedding…

[+3, -5] Ugh, I can't breathe just thinking about the surveillance celebrities have to go through.

[+2, -0] This isn't a matter of “Oh, he's just a tomboy”… it's a matter of respect. I hope the bride is okay, but I think she would be disappointed if her friend showed up like this.

[+2, -3] There are some ladies who show up wearing the same clothes they wore when going hiking, but Hani looks innocent and cool.

[+1, -1] As long as her friend is okay with it, nothing else matters. In particular, third party opinions are not important.

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