[THEQOO] But Go Yeon-jeong’s company tastes are pretty consistent haha.

I ordered it when I joined the company, but everyone has a similar aura, right?

Go Young-jeong

Hong Soo-ju

Yoonseo Noh

Seong Ji-young

Baek Yein

Kanghee Bae

Jo Hye-joo

Dabin Jeong

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: But Go Yeon-jeong’s company tastes are pretty consistent haha.

1. I wish the company would deliver it to MT and film it on YouTube.
2. But I wish they promoted the actresses more… ㅠㅠ I like all the actresses…
3. I heard that this company is a family business and has a very limited number of employees. Recently, we have been working hard to recruit male actors, but since we have so few manpower, we seem to be focusing more on applying for IP or raising money for acting school rather than creating our own content.
4. Isn’t this the 4th model of Helom&?
5. The T-zone is very distinct.
6. Baek Hyun-jooㅜㅜ I want to see you in a work soon.
7. Is there big capital hidden there? The casting quality is crazy. The lineup of actresses is amazing.
8. Bae Kang-hee is really so attractiveㅠ
9. Everyone has that muted tone.
10. Our tastes are the same… I think Kang Mina and Moon Ga-young would be perfect together.
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