Choi Min-hwan joins 'The Return of Superman' with his three children after divorce

article: 'Pain of Divorce' Choi Min-hwan joins 'The Return of Superman' after giving birth to three children “We will win with confidence”

source: Via Sports Chosun Nate

[+110, -5] I don't think it will take long for my mom to regret the divorce. She may feel independent and happy now, but she will soon realize that her family and her children are everything.

[+59, -0] That person's divorce went well. I hope that person meets someone new and gets a fresh start. I support him.

[+44, -8] Oh, please stop exposing your children to the media.

[+29, -1] The person who raises the child is the winner.

[+12, -1] Children are so adorable

[+4, -3] I'm so tired of shows that allow parents to make money off their kids.

[+3, -2] For the sake of my children, I think it's better to stay away from the media and choose a quiet life…

[+2, -0] If the broadcasting industry is willing to work with him, I don't think it's his fault for the divorce.

[+1, -0] It doesn't seem like he would want to expose his kids to TV either, but after all, he's a celebrity and how else would he make money? We need to understand more.

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