Seventeen’s Chinese members do not bow their heads as they observe Chinese customs

If you’d like to retain the customs you have inherited, return to your country

1. I’m not a fan of Seventeen because they aren’t my kind.

2. The first time that I am aware that Seventeen includes Chinese members. I’m sure that these members don’t have a lot of popularity.

3. They don’t have many followers and I believe it’s fine to let them go due to the fact that Seventeen is full of members.

4. I’m really upset the fact that Chinese idols aren’t respectful of the cultures of other people.

5. If you’re going to follow your customs, remove your Hanbok. Then, why you wore Hanbok? What is the reason you went into Korea to begin with in the first in the first place?

6. There are numerous Seventeen members who are lost.. I didn’t realize there were Chinese Seventeen members. Seventeen

7. Don’t work in this country if you don’t value our cultural norms

8. So, why did you put on Hanbok?

9. I would rather not observe idol groups with Chinese members.

10. Are they famous? I’m aware that Seventeen is extremely famous but I’m not familiar with them.


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