Lee Junho and Im Yoona’s rep denies dating rumors between ‘King the Land’ stars

Article: ‘King the Land’ Lee Junho and Im Yoona are involved in dating rumors … representatives from both agencies are “investigating”

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+1,202] I support this couple

[+436] There is no reason for any of us to have an idea of ​​a young man and woman dating. They look beautiful together.

[+391] Wow, daebak, daebak, I hope they will actually date ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+186] Members are “checking in,” but they better not come back and “we can’t confirm anything about their personal lives” ☝?

[+56] Always suspicious of dating rumors that happen between co-stars ~~~ like they are promoting their drama ~~~???

[+55] They are so cute together ❤️??

[+53] I think the articles seem to have been made too ㅡㅡ; since the members are still checking in, I’ll just stay neutral. It looks like a marketing effort gone wrong to promote their drama ?

[+38] They both look great

[+19] Please visit ❤️

[+11] If it’s Yoona, I can cast Junho ❤️ Please end up like Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin!!

[+8] Even if it’s true, I feel like they’re going to say they’re best friends~ but they have such an innocent look together that it looks like something in common ❤️

[+6] Yoona’s representative confirmed that the rumors are not confirmed

[+5] I always thought there was something in the way they looked at each other ❤️ It fits perfectly~

[+3] Let’s skip the dating news and go straight to a wedding announcement

Article: Junho and Yoona’s representative denies dating rumors “They are still close but not dating”

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+43] Oh, I was going to go into full fangirl mode but they denied it right away… ㅎㅎ heh (sigh)

[+35] ㅠㅠ I’m so disappointed, they look so good together and I was really ready to support them if they confirmed.

[+32] ??? It’s so funny to me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ everyone who denied the news is sad ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I know why, they look good together ??

[+19] Please just date

[+17] Bad luck… it fits perfectly ❤️

[+16] I was happy for a short time that I believed it was true

[+9] Oh, please just date

[+4] There was no photo evidence so I assumed it wasn’t real

[+4] They looked really good on ‘King the Land’ last night… I’m disappointed

[+4] Their combination of looks goes well together…

[+4] Ah why

[+3] I mean ㅡㅡ there was no photographic evidence in the first place other than a few guesses ㅡㅡ I’m glad I decided to remain neutral.

[+3] It’s so nice to be together… please hang out, please hang out ?

[+2] Please just date… I really like this couple..

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