[THEQOO] Actresses often mentioned as lead roles in 'Princess' remake

1. Roh Jeong-ui

Among the actresses most mentioned as lead roles, she has the highest synchronicity with the female protagonist of the original work.

*Note: This is the female protagonist of the original ‘Princess’.

2. Kim Hye-yoon

With his cute appearance and solid acting skills, he even pulls off cringeworthy scenes like a master of teen romantic comedies. That's why she is often mentioned as the female protagonist of 'The Princess'.

3. Eunsu Shin

She is an actress who looks good in school uniform, but surprisingly, despite her popularity, there are many posts asking her to play the female lead in the 'Princess' remake.
There are actually more than that, but I decided to write about these three because they have something in common: they were former child actors.

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Actresses often mentioned as lead roles in 'Princess' remake
-Was Kim Hye-yoon also a child actor? I didn't know!

-Noh Jeong-eui seems to be a good fit for the role of Song Ji-hyo.

-Song Ga-in…

-I think Jin Ji-hee would suit her well too..

-I think Kim Hye-yoon can play the role of Shin Chae-kyung without being shy.

-It's really funny that the actresses mentioned as the lead roles in the 'Time of the Princess' remake change every year…
-I think Shin Ye-eun would be a great fit for the lead role.

-Let’s go with Roh Jeong-ui.

-I like Shin Eun-soo.

-Hye-yoon Kim, please. She would be perfect for this role.

– Noh Jeong-ui pleaseㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-Shin Eun-soo What drama is the latest gif? That looks interesting.

-Shin Ye-eun!!!!

-Not Kim Hye-yoon;; It doesn't suit the main character at all…

-Shin Ye-eun is also good at acting…
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