[INSTIZ] Didn’t Wendy sing well?

I was embarrassed when I saw this video

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

article: Didn’t Wendy sing well?
1. I watched the video and I cringed because I felt like I couldn't get the tone right…
2. She sang so poorly
3. I saw her sing River and I loved it, but here she was horribly out of tune, had no echo, and didn't back down.
4. Are you not using in-ear headphones? I don't think I can hear the instruments.

5. No one can say that Wendy can’t sing, but she really didn’t sing that day lol.

6. But… I didn't feel very good at the SM concert either…

7. Oh my, the tone doesn't match at all… But it's usually fine.

8. She ruined this, but I'm sure she'll edit it for broadcast.

9. When I heard this song on Killing Voice, it definitely seemed like it was post-edited… You sang this song really well back in the day…

10. I was so embarrassed when I saw this… but everyone was cheering so I thought it was just me…

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