[PANN] A photo of Jenny attending the Chanel fashion show released by her agency.

So damn pretty

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Article: Photos from Jenny’s Chanel show released by her agency.

One. [+24, -5]
He definitely does his job 1000 times better than YG.
2. [+15, -1]
I love seeing them post about her like this. This is something she couldn't even dream of doing when she was at YG.
three. [+11, -2]
I hope Jenny’s company also sues diligently. It may seem like they're doing it secretly, but I hope Jenny catches all the people she doesn't like.
4. [+8, -2]
They are good at their job. They are also good at reading your emails. We hope to release a statement on the lawsuit soon.
5. [+8, 0]
The enlarged photo of the face is really pretty. That person's eyes are so big
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