You will find lots of celebrities that are today luxury brand ambassadors

1. A lot of them tend to be Hallyu stars. An remarkable achievement for Yu-neu.

2. Kai has signed a contract with YSL being their Korean Beauty Ambassador this particular time around this

3. These manufacturers tend to be the ones that make me wish to avoid purchasing from them.

4. Yu-Neu nim is very gorgeous.

5. Lisa will be the ambassador of three labels all over the globe. She’s doing decent.

6. BP is really very influential in the fashion scene.

7. Amazing! BP is truly daebak!

8. Yoona is so lovely.

9. Jeon Somi will be the ambassador for LV Eyewear.

10. Lee’s honey is utterly spectacular!

11. Think we’ve always had a lot of global ambassadors? We’d just some of them, I imagine.

12. Can Suho get another one? Maybe? That suited him entirely.

13. Rose and Saint Laurent and Gucci and Dior and Kai happen to be f * cking a match made in heaven.

14. The sensation of Lisa is usually great in pictorials. Her look is appealing.

15. Lisa is incredibly awesome as well as beautiful.

16. Just why is Prada not accompanied by Song Hyekyo?

17. With regard to Valentino, Son Yejin happens to be the ambassadorial child.

18. The worldwide ambassador of Prada is additionally Lee Jongsuk.

19. Has Lisa got three???? Daebak

20. Each part of BP recieves 1 complimentary. Just what is Lisa’s total quantity? Wow




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