[PANN] Even so, I need to take better care of the wrinkles under my eyes.

I was a little surprised

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Article: I think Seolun needs to pay more attention to managing the wrinkles under her eyes.
One. [+32, -3]
Here you go? Still, it's a little strange. Although I'm not old enough to look like that.

2. [+31, -2]
But seriously, why does it look like that? There are many videos and images of her with those wrinkles under her eyes. But unless other celebrities are very old, you don't see them looking like that just because they put on makeup.

three. [+27, -5]
Seolyun will definitely continue to be hated.

4. [+23, -4]
If you're a fan who denies this, watch his videos on Instagram. That's real.

5. [+20, -13]
Yes, he doesn't have them anymore. Now you can be at peace.

6. [+16, 0]
What's even worse is that the photos taken by the masters on the fan site also look like this. Why is that?
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