BTS fans praised the safe celebration of the 10th anniversary and the well-maintained park




Article: bts gives out purple fireworks… fans leave the place clean without litter

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

[+334, -9] As expected from fans of such a group, very proud of them!!

[+311, -12] It’s amazing that bts and their fans not only completed a rally of 500,000 people safely and without any accidents, but also for enjoying the event and leaving the place without garbage.

[+218, -12] I kept hearing fireworks and fireworks in the house so I wondered what it was all about, and it turned out to be this! ㅎㅎ Namsan also covered us with lights, which I thought was really cool. I’m not an Ami who knows all the members names but this whole event was really cool! I support you all!

[+35, -2] Keep the Team proud ?

[+33, -2] bts and Army are jjang!

[+13, -1] In fact, seeing fans behaving well makes me see bts in the same positive light.

[+10, -0] The quality of this event was much better than the annual event that we usually do.

[+2, -0] The best news of all is to hear that things like this ended up safely, really jjang

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