Labels on controversial rapper NO:EL on his label

Article: Swings brings ‘controversial drunk driver’ rapper Noel under Indigo Music for new album release

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+841] Chanhyuk-ah, you’re right.. hip hop isn’t cool

[+348] Swings had to take off his tonkatsu for 10 years for this

[+348] From all the rappers who support.. I guess it just goes to show how far a good network can take you in hip hop ㅜㅜ;

[+187] This doesn’t seem right…

[+107] Children like him can get away with committing crimes and disregarding the law and still be fine. The world doesn’t fit for some reason ㅋㅋㅋ

[+50] Tired of Swings? Does he know that drunk drivers haven’t learned? Why would he sign a ticking time bomb?

[+43] Tsk tsk, we were always taught that people shouldn’t improve

[+31] Oh come on, not Noel

[+26] I never thought Noel was talented enough to risk my own company with his pranks

[+17] How could you possibly support a brand like this…

[+11] Absolutely hopeless…

[+8] I tried to give Swings the benefit of the doubt but this crossed the line a bit

[+8] Noel’s real life on the simple level… life must be boring when everything is easy for you…

[+6] This is how Swings destroy themselves

[+5] Garbage is eternal waste

[+4] Need..?

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