Ji Chang Wook apologizes for smoking at home, he asks for permission

Article: Ji Chang Wook domestic smoking controversy next to Shin Hye sun -> apology “I'm sorry for my inappropriate behavior”

Source: OSEN via Nate

[+274, -2] But it is not certain that we should retreat into obolo, smoking in the faces of the other players. His behavior is really disappointing from him.

[+112, -4] Poor Shin Hye Sun had to be stuck there with a smile on her face because he's her senior, she couldn't even tell him

[+103, -2] You're totally losing my image. Even e-cigs are cigs.

[+82, -5] Smokers are the cancer of society

[+25, -1] Proh…

[+7, -1] It's the little things like this where a man's true character shows… As someone who personally enjoyed 'Samdal-ri', my feelings for him are cold now.

[+7, -1] Wow… you must be a human being to think it's completely appropriate not only to smoke domestically, but to look at other people's faces. Most people couldn't do something like that…

[+6, -0] I only ever think of the sun when I see it

Source: Nate

[+180, -2] E-cigs are also cigs, it's sad that smokers seem to think you can only smoke inside and in people's faces.

[+95, -1] got “permission”? It's so unfair that he knows he's in a position where if he asks, “Can I smoke here, right?” that none of them can say no… and he really thinks it's okay because it was an e-cig? ㅋㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋㅋ

[+77, -1] Yeah, this is a character issue…

[+46, -0] Wow, even with the rolling cameras…that's pretty ballsy of you

[+6, -0] People who smoke in the streets already piss me off, I couldn't stand inside, even if it was allowed before.

Source: Understanding through Instagram
[+1,646] The fact that he just thought that he could smoke like that so naturally means that everyone would just assume that he was fine with it… it was difficult for the non-smokers in that room
[+1,286] Smokers I can't stand smoking a lot … I really hate everyone who smokes in the house in my company
[+388] It is ridiculous that he thought it appropriate to smoke in front of the director-nim and other seniors.
[+281] It's so funny to me when people defend smokers it only makes your image worse
[+392] Can't smokers have a smoke when people are in pain? What is this issue?
– [+35] A comment that never filters through the brain cells
[+525] It is not new that we see it being done with no respect or regard for anyone but themselves
[+758] It has no character
[+88] The actor is hot right now, he probably thinks he can do anything with impunity
[+427] It's crazy to smoke anything inside, e-cigs or not

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