Whasa has confirmed no interference with Psy’s summer show claim

Article: Whasa talks about charging his ’19+ model’ at a college festival at Psy’s summer swag show

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+734] What I find funny is that he did the 19+ dance at a festival rated for 19+, so why…?
– [+79] Her dancing has nothing to do with a college festival or music. He was inappropriate in every way, and the parents of the students had every right to speak up. This lawsuit is not because they hate Whasa as a person but because of many of these conflicts every year and the parents think it is time to file a lawsuit to start setting some rules. and limitations. It’s something that has to happen at least once.
– [+51] It is a college festival not only attended by students and teachers
– [+1] ?? Never been to a college festival? All residents of the area are participating.

[+448] The ajumma admits that there is no problem with male entertainers running around on stage, but suddenly there is a problem when a female singer puts on a song. show 19+.
– [+43] You can’t compare a topless man to Whasa licking his hand and rubbing him down. A better comparison is a person who also licks his hand and rubs himself down.

[+390] I think it’s ridiculous that parents are all mad at a college festival

[+298] Whether he was allowed to do this or not, unlike the entertainment that was clearly stated at 19+ it was Whasa’s fault for doing something he knew was when arguing!!
– [+90] It’s a festival aimed at adults, why does it need a 19+ rating?

[+184] I feel like she’s a new girl who’s going to start a new era no matter what ㅋㅋㅋ She can’t be famous for her song because she’s just copying what she sings from overseas, he is free to do it, but we the public are also free to hate seeing him do that. He needs to find a crowd that likes those things and perform there professionally.

[+168] This is a college festival! It’s a college!! festival, not a club. There is no reason for him to dance like that on stage in a place that is meant to educate and celebrate youth.

[+142] All this talk about the uncertainty of this or that, his performance itself was bad. The action was out of place on a public stage being filmed for TV. This is not a Mamamoo concert. I also think that suing him is not fair… but that’s what organizations like them do, their job.

[+63] I don’t care if he does this at his own concert but it’s not appropriate for a college performance or any public setting for that matter.

[+62] Let’s be honest, he knew that copying foreign singers would make him headlines, so please don’t act like he’s a big reason for it ㅋ See all the singers under Psy… Hyuna, Jessi, Whasa. .ㅋㅋ

[+52] If all the rules go out the window because it’s a “celebration for adults,” why isn’t everyone allowed to be naked??? Instead of blaming people for being confused, why don’t we just ignore that social media exists for a reason?

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