Research shows that more than half of ‘common sense’ women still shop


Article: 53.9% of women in their twenties who are at a normal weight are still ‘eating’… 1 in 7 women are ‘underweight’

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+162] Most women who are normal weight still think they are overweight… but most men who are overweight still believe themselves to be normal weight.. it’s just what I noticed

[+142] Just a fat person passing by in the comments here ❤️ I ordered Fried Chicken Puradak and I really like it ?

[+62] The clothing sizes are just… too small. I’m a normal 55 but haven’t been able to fit 55 or 66 recently, which I’m sure will inspire other women who have gained weight and want to eat.

[+15] That’s because you base our beauty standards on celebrities ㅎㅎ

[+10] We can all promise each other to give up these foods and live short lives ㅠ

[+1] It reminds me, I have to eat…

[+0] How sweet our lives would be if we just promised to live short and happy lives together ㅠㅠ

[+0] What do you expect in a generation of SNS where negative comparisons are just a finger away

[+0] The clothes are so small that many people think they have to eat.

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