Illit choreography looks very similar to New Jeans or Le Seraphim, doesn’t it?

article: Suspicions were raised that Illit's choreography was similar to that of other Hive girl groups.

source: Idol issue through Instagram

[+371] It's not just similar, it looks the same.

[+150] Maybe it's just noise marketing.

[+116] I still don't understand what the point of this group is. Just another New Jeans

[+48] When you put them side by side, you realize that the OG is really Le Sserafim.

[+42] What does it matter if they are from the same agency?

[+18] another new pair of jeans

[+9] I still don't understand the meaning of debut…

[+6] At least the New Jeans are all unique and different, so they’re pretty.

[+1] It's the same choreography, but the idols/costumes are different.

[+0] It's really strange that there's nothing unique about them and they're just copies of other groups.

[+0] Looks like the ‘Attention’ choreography

[+0] Easy-to-listen choreography, only the people and costumes are different.

[+0] It's very similar to Le Seraphim's and New Jean's choreography.

[+0] If we start like this, it will be difficult to break the ‘copy idol’ image~

[+0] As soon as I saw it, I didn't think much of it other than that I felt like New Gene or Reseraphim.

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