Jang Moon Bok inspires netizens with his story of stardom to manual labor

Article: ‘Hip hop president’ Jang Moon Bok is working daily manual labor to make ends meet

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+225] Now that I’m older, I’m beginning to realize that people like him are actually really brave and amazing

[+116] He has a healthy mind. There are some who fall prey to their own negative thoughts and turn to crime, but he chose to work hard without losing sight of his dreams. It’s unfortunate that his mother passed away so early…; but I think his story will inspire a lot of hope to other people going through difficult times. He’s gone through a lot in life and his life story has both hope and a lesson ㅠ ?

[+53] I respect him so much for how hard he’s working in life!! ㅎㅎ

[+26] Life is long. Your suffering now will build towards a brighter future!! I support you

[+19] Fighting

[+12] To throw away his image as a celebrity and to just focus on putting food on his own table is something worthy of applause

[+4] You’re doing great, Moon Bok-ah

[+3] Respect ?

[+3] Life is what you choose to make of it, there’s nothing special to it

[+3] So much better than others who choose to blame everyone but themselves for their lot in life

Source: YouTube

[+615] He’s really amazing. He competed on ‘Superstar K’ in middle school, and despite all the memes about him, continued on to ‘Produce 101’ after. He’s not just a funny guy, he’s serious about his stuff. 

[+592] Despite his circumstances, he didn’t let himself fall to negative paths. He truly grew up so beautiful and kind. Moon Bokie, we wish you the best.

[+458] At such a young age, he became the butt of jokes of the entire country. He’s also gone through so much loss in his family. It’s amazing and respectable that he’s been able to live so confidently on his own. I wish him the best!

[+299] I know that one more big opportunity is going to come his way, I can feel it. Fighting!

[+108] In a world where so many fall off the right path because of all the difficulties that are thrown their way, it’s amazing that he’s managed to keep his heart warm with an eye of respect for those around him. His story is truly heartwarming. I hope that he’s always happy and that positive things come his way. 

[+53] I’m glad that he hasn’t let life let him down, I hope that he’ll achieve whatever he wants out of life!!

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