[THEQOO] Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee break up… close relative "There was a difference of opinion between them"

A close associate spoke out about the news of actors Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee's breakup.
On the 30th, OSEN announced through an interview with Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee's close associates, “The two recently met and talked and decided to go their separate ways.”

A close source said, “There were conflicts and differences of opinion throughout the series of processes that Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol went through,” and added, “They will both do their best to go their separate ways in the future.” . “Please show yourself as a good actor.”
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee break up…relatives “There was a discord”

1. Everyone is now close to mom haha.
2. We all know that there was a conflict, but… hahaha wasn't it so obvious?
3. Everyone’s dog friend hahahaha
4. Who cares?

5. We all know that Koreans have experienced discord.

6. What kind of obvious statement is this?

7. The moment they hid their presence on IG, we all knew they were different.

8. Han Sohee has already written about it here and there, but who needs an interview with her biological family lol?

9. Why would their family want to interview them?

10. Of course there will be disagreements, but if not, why would you break up? Haha, it's like saying I ate because I was hungry haha.
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