[THEQOO] Actresses currently indicted on charges of school violence in 'Crime Investigation Unit'

(T/N: ‘Crime Investigation Unit’ is a JTBC program)

“A popular actor that comes to mind…the acting of a ‘great child actor’”

“Shocking news… “I was severely beaten by an actor”yes

“I was beaten for 90 minutes.”

“Victim: As soon as I arrived, he started hitting me. I still don’t know why he hit me.”

“Victim: I continued to hit him for an hour. I only remember slapping him in the face.”

The agency told the informant (victim), “Let’s meet in the United States.”

I want to talk face to face.
I made a reservation at LAX. I'll go to XX.
“I’m not bringing a lawyer.”

:And the story from the meeting with the company representative is a bit long, but if it's okay, he asked if he could take some time to come to Korea. He said he didn't have to. “I’m worried about the cost~ The CEO suggested that I come to Korea and meet XX~”

“The actor said he couldn’t remember anything.”
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
Currently, actor A is being accused of school violence in 'Crime Investigation Unit'.

1. Farewell
2. When I saw the video of him crying in Knowing Brother, I thought it would be nice if he could be this pure…

3. Oh, I'm so disappointed.
4. Is he already old and the scandal is just coming to light?
5. If the rumors are true, cancellation is necessary. Have you caused so much pain in the lives of others while only thinking about living well for yourself?
6. So you’re saying his angry behavior wasn’t an act?…
7. In ‘Knowing Bros’, Hool seemed really honest…
8. Wow.. he looked good because he acted so well.. but school violence and bullying are such evil acts.. ha..
9. She's worse than I thought
10. Physiognomy is a science
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