[THEQOO] Korean netizens say that if BABYMONSTER continues to release songs like FOREVER, they will fail.

It's surprising that Baby Monster's comeback song didn't become a chart hit compared to their previous songs.
The full song 'SHEESH' is currently ranked 24th on Melon's daily chart, with a high ranking of 9th.

New song 'FOREVER' ranking
Personally, I think this song suits my taste very well.

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Source: Deoku / translation: Ketizenstars
Korean netizens say that if Baby Monster continues to release songs like FOREVER, they will go bankrupt.

1. Are you promoting a comeback? I didn't even know they were making a comeback.
2. The important thing is that you don't know what the concept is. Rather than just doing well, you need to prove that you are a different group musically, otherwise if you continue like this, you will fail.

3. The song is not very good. The lyrics are also childish.

4. It is an older song than Blackpink's debut song.
5. At first, I had high expectations for BABYMONSTER, but now I'm gradually losing interest. I think I need to make more modern songs.

6. I would believe it even if you said it was 2NE1's unreleased song.

7. Because I lack planning skills, I only focus on my singing skills.
8. YG = Teddy I was curious about what would happen if Teddy became independent, but it was more serious than I thought.

9. Is this happening because Teddy is gone?

10. It feels like a combination of Blackpink's song and IVE's song.

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