English Displays Which are Becoming Just Annoying Right Now



Silver Club, Contemporary… Hangul day which would make King Sejong cry (Note: King Sejong could be the person who created and popularized Hangul and got rid of Hanja)

This’s a mall at Seoul

“Young, everything, hip and cool else”

Client in their 80s: folks just like me feel uneasy. I come here since I require things but normally, I will question individuals close to me to visit there. This’s much more comfortable for me

(Q): Do you understand what they really mean by concierge?
Oh Yerim, teen: No

(Q): Do you understand what they imply by something fashionable?
Park Jiae, Moon Jowon, teens: It is the first time of mine watching the

The response out of an American

Hasna, American: Young character? I do not understand what they mean by which. It feels as they are simply mashing two ambiguous words together

The app for the division store

Q: Do you understand where you can click to go into the department ‘s store ‘s restaurant by searching?
Goo Doyeon, 70s: I’ve no idea

Ji Boram, 30s: Ah I am unsure, ah it was there”

Kim Taehyung, 20s: I am taken aback, I do not have any idea what I am looking for

Im Woosoon, 50s: Space, Art, Culture. Perhaps there? Wow. (Q: it is not there) This’s very hard. So why do they’ve to utilize English?

*Gave up*

They wrote English in huge as well as the Korean words very small

Hong Sungin, Seoul Dorim dong: This is not an area just for foreigners, this ought to be a smoking area with Korean written on it way too being healthy right?

Apartments would be the most severe..

A senior citizens’ habitation

Parking for academy

For reference, the xian which seems like a Chinese location is really XI an(Jai an), individuals residing in Xi (Note: pronounced Jai, it is an area near Banpo in Seoul)… Though they’d to showcase it in Korean

There is additionally Lotte Castle just where they wrote Castlian,..
I am very embarrassed

(Note: In Korea, apartments & structures have names, typically in English. It is a tad difficult to explain, however when you write the address of theirs, you need to add in the buildings’ names instead of simply house numbers)

The individuals living the The Sharp are created as Sharpian… And Sharp Square
I have seen it in certain articles

I would have known if this was a tea shop, though it is a public space in an apartment square with tables.. and chairs. Though they called it Tea House

Recycling area

An apartment’s security guard office has become known as Information
And a different apartment’s map is known as Information
One more apartment’s notice board is known as Information

They simply write’ P’ for parking right now, is like this’s the fundamental trend ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Family back garden (Note: the Hangul component is simply hangulized’ Garden Farm’)

This is now extremely familiar in busses for a very long time already…

Transfer stop area

Jeju 4.3Pyeonghwa Park (Note: Pyeonghwa means peace)

Each of the area government operated businesses are in English
But every one of those’re touristic attractions so they are using English The responses are equally great and sad..

A great deal of comments are mentioning makeup also so I am publishing a few

This’s a peel off package for the face of yours, though the name and the shape of the item is a strawberry jam

1. ㅋㅋ For who can they be making use of this English?

2. Seriously grandmas don’t have any thought what takeout is… Remember to just write pojang rather (Note: pojang = takeout)

3. This’s seriously really annoying, they are using nonsense English in addition to it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. The way they are translating those cosmetic items in English makes it appear a lot more low quality ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I do not truly see the issue writing P for parking… But the remaining are really annoying

6. The grandmother of ours went on the public bath in which they wrote body lotion and body wash, she did not know what type was that so she became available cleaning herself with body lotion and then must go in once again to clean herself ㅠㅠ…Can they do create the names in Hangul in huge please

7. In order to point out it is annoying is an understatement, including foreigners don’t have any thought what this English should suggest so for who can they be doing this for precisely?

8. We have to begin regulating this. This’s the nation of Korea, we have to stop making English the conventional language here

9. I went to a resort not far in the past and most of the signs had been in English… Generally there was really not one Korean term in the elevator…

10. The apartment of ours is an elderly people residency and It is known as Senior House ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It is very annoying ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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