[THEQOO] Comments on new Aespa video

[THEQOO] Comments on new <a href=aespa video

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-A truly legendary group, a group that should continue to have the best moments. It hasn't even been 10 years since they debuted, but it's a group that can't be left alone even before they reveal their relationship. That's a professional
– “Any celebrity who says they don’t have time is lying” (t/n: What Karina said on Youngji’s broadcast)

-Seeing the comments from fans makes me feel different…
I'm not a fan, but I will support you sometimes. It's strange that the relationship was confirmed in that way from a senior's perspective, but I don't have any hostility toward it. But if you look at the comments from fans here, you can see that the feeling is different. I don't understand why they are so offended. Of course, if she was my bias, she would be disappointed, but it would be very sad to see them being hated, and I can understand that frustration. I just feel bad ㅠㅠ
– It's very sad that MY is trying to force New-AA-Le (t/n: NewJeans, aespa, IVE, Le Sserafim) down our throats. – Le from the beginning
-Since her debut, she has received a lot of hate due to rumors, and it has reached that point, but Jimin thinks the boyfriend she dated on the 30th is more important.

-Do you know how I feel when I see this?

– And now you keep seeing that name that you don't want to see… It's a huge dilemma.

– You just released a full-length album, what is it? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

– Hahahahaha, aren't you crazy to delete comments here? Staff, just deleting fan comments won’t solve the problem~

– “Idol boyfriends are like bugs in restaurant food.”

“Everyone has a vague idea of ​​what’s out there, but when you find out what it really is, you’ll never be able to stand it again.”

– A text message sent by Ningning while attending Milan Fashion Week at the end of the Tokyo Dome concert. bubble The moment that person comes back… I hope. [Karina] You know better… Winter also held such an epic live broadcast during the Chuseok holiday. …

-Right now, the two people are probably wearing pink glasses and living in their own world, but all their fans are watching from the dark. Jimin, do you like romantic movies? There is no need to watch romantic dramas anymore after you declared your relationship, and if you don't want to see a sad ending, think wisely and end it well.

-But Minjeong did a live broadcast during the Lunar New Year holiday lol.

– KPOP is a business and we can't help it. We all know it. But it's impressive that you upload a video saying 'I love you' to your fans without considering the rumors… Are you trying to fight with your fans?

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Comments on the new aespa video.

1. We were forced to make it public, but don’t you understand?

2. Nothing has changed between the past and present, even the sighs. They are victims of stalkers…

3. Legendary signs of mental illness

4. Honestly, from a non-fan perspective, of course it's okay.

5. I'm seriously mentally ill, but I thought he was dating and cheating on me…

6. Wow, there are so many and I don't think I can support her anymore.

7. Ah… Dispatch harassed me into exposing the relationship, but here they are blaming the idol haha.

8. Fans say they respect us, but they don't respect their idols at all lol.

9. As an idol fan, I can understand it a little.

10. I know these are harsh words, but I understand the fans’ feelings.
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