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1. Why do i click on this?

2. It’s all funny, but the second one is the funniest. It’s like an old man whose legs are tired because he’s in a rush to the bathroom hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

3. Really curious about this guy

4. Why is this guy like this…

5. Why the hell are you doing this

6. Wow…that’s beyond my imagination

7. Is there a supply because there is a demand…? I don’t understand, I guess there’s a demand…

8.  Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh this guy’s cocaine dance? I think it will turn out well… .

9. But the comments are very nice .. there is no swear word, be patient Theku friends

10. You guys commenting here are the worst ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I came in because there were a lot of comments.

11. I have to go see Heo Seong-tae’s cocaine dance ㅠㅠ

12. When this person was an active idol, I was really fine. It’s amazing how that happens.

13. Ha…there’s no reason to be like this…

14. Are you doing this on purpose..?? Yes..? Because people react on purpose… more so…?

15. But this is the concept. It confuses me…

16. Look at the number of views. Actually, at this point, I’m not coming in because I’m being deceived, I’m probably coming in because I’m curious…

17. I wonder if you posted it because you thought it was really cool

18. I came in prepared for it, but it’s more than that…

19. He was my first hyung……. I really don’t know why it happened and I’m upset

20. I come in looking forward to it, but it always exceeds my expectations… hahahahahahahaha



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