[THEQOO] Hyeri is getting criticized on Instagram right now.

– You ruined the images of your two co-stars with just a few characters. Why did you do that?
– I'm trying to kill Sohee Han. Please prepare another statement to explain. If this continues, I think it's really going to kill people :'( :'(
– Hyeri and that person clearly know when the point of separation was. I hope you can provide some clarity on this situation, which is currently rife with speculation. Until now, many people have gone through difficult times due to the witch hunt. I know they are the ones receiving negative attention from the public right now, but if you were that happy, why not start your life again with someone else… I'm not a fan of anyone, but I feel bad because of other things happening at the same time. I'm afraid it will happen.
-Honestly, I'm curious. Wasn't it transfer love? Someone was insulted and even ostracized because of your story. What did they do wrong? Haha, honestly, I'm curious. Didn't you start this witch hunt with your story?
– You are the one who created this disaster and you are disguising yourself as a victim.
– First of all, it wasn't Hyeri herself who started the argument;; What is Ryu Jun-er so good at? Hahaha I think you can keep it in your heart as a gorilla boyfriend haha.
– Is it fun to cancel those two people? Some people are broken and crying and having a hard time, but you are here drinking and having fun…? How far are you willing to take him before you're happy? This girl is serious hahaha it's too much… I hope she posts tomorrow as she clearly knows someone is having a hard time. Are you human too?
– Please don't live like this. Why is all this happening? Can you imagine how childish it must be to make a problem public instead of solving it privately? Just looking at Han Sohee's IG comments is enough to break people's hearts. She has a really problematic personality.

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Hyeri is currently being criticized on Instagram.
1. The fans of that ugly man and that crazy guy were angry.
2. I hope Hyeri sues. Seriously, she got involved with the wrong people.
3. So this is what Han So-hee wanted to see.
4. Sohee Han probably didn't expect her post to backfire lol This is probably what she wanted to see.
5. Her fans were crazy. She is the worst woman of 2024.
6. Please protect Hyeri and let her sue.
7. Hyeri doesn’t need to do anything
8. Why do they say bad things to you? Haha, these people are crazy.
9. ….? How foolish can you be?
10. Please sue me
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