[THEQOO] Jang Wonyong's impact began a knock-on effect. "legal responsability"…From BTS to Ateez, Sojang's legal punishment accelerated

[THEQOO] Jang Wonyong's impact began a knock-on effect. "legal responsability"...From <a href=BTS to Ateez, Sojang's legal punishment accelerated
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In addition to Jang Wonyoung, Sojang has attacked numerous idol groups, including BTS, NewJeans, TXT, Red Velvet, and ATEEZ. In response, BTS's agency Big Hit Music (HYBE) and ATEEZ's agency KQ Entertainment sued Sojang for defamation and other charges, but the case has stalled due to difficulty identifying her.

However, this time Starship managed to name Sojang directly, which is speeding up the police investigation. According to officials, the police investigation, which has been going on for more than a year, has resumed with renewed vigour. Officials are hopeful that a concrete police report will be available soon.

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Jang Wonyong's impact began a “legal responsibility” effect… From BTS to Ateez, accelerated Sojang's legal punishment

1. What is SM doing? Oh really…

2. Big Hit, let's bet you get back to work soon!

3. Big Hit, let's do it right

4. So Starship does its job even better than HYBE

5. HYBE, SM and JYP should sue her… there is no group she hasn't touched

6. I'm a fan of another group but SM has to get to work. I hope all those companies mentioned put pressure on her.

7. What is JYP doing?ㅠㅠ

8. JYP-ah…nevermind

9. Starship really did something big

10. You can distinguish which company really does its job from those that don't. What's everyone doing?
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