[THEQOO] Conceptual photo #1 of Twice 13's 'With You-th' mini album

[THEQOO] Conceptual photo #1 of <a href=TWICE 13's 'With You-th' mini album
” src=”[og_img]” />

Main theme: One Spark
02/23 (Friday) Launch at 2 pm

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Conceptual photo #1 of TWICE 13's 'With You-th' mini album

1. Looking forward to One Spark ??

2. Wow, Jihyo is so pretty.

3. Wow Jihyo is super pretty in the group photo…

4. Nowadays, TWICE's makeup artist is doing a good job.

5. What the hell… Sana-yag ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ?

6. Sana is too pretty… go out with me

7. What's up with Jihyo's face? fucking pretty

8. Jihyo sexy girl

9. Haa… Sana is too pretty.

10. How much prettier will Jihyo get?…Every time I see her, she's in her legendary days…seriously.
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