[THEQOO] New Jeans to appear as special guests on IU's world tour

Girl group New Jeans supports IU.
New Jeans will appear as a guest at IU's '2024 IU HER World Tour Concert' next month. It is said that IU herself suggested appearing on the show.
New Jeans and IU first met in July last year when they appeared on IU's YouTube channel 'IU's Palette'. At the time, New Jeans expressed tension by saying that he was an IU fan.
Since then, collaboration has become collaboration. New Jeans' Hyein participated in the song 'Shh…' included in IU's new album 'The Winning'. She went on to say that she was “so excited to be able to appear in IU's song.”
Fans will want to hear IU and Hyein's song 'Shh'. Today. As the stage continues, the two sweet voices will fill KSPO DOME.

The stage will also be filled with New Jeans' hit songs. After debuting in July 2022, New Jeans plans to captivate viewers by releasing hit songs such as 'Attention', 'Hype Boy', 'Cookie', 'Ditto', 'OMG', and 'Super Shy'. With a refreshing charm.

Meanwhile, IU is embarking on a large-scale world tour starting in Seoul. He plans to continue his tour in 18 cities, including Yokohama, Japan, Jakarta, Indonesia, and Los Angeles, USA.

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

New Jeans will be a special guest on IU's world tour.

1. Please come to the last concert!
2. Do you usually reveal things this quickly? Haha.

3. Take it on the first day.

4. Hey, when are you performing? ㄷㄷㄷ

5. Kyaaa

6. Ah! I hope you come to my broadcast day haha.

7. Please make sure to come this Sunday too.

8. IU always welcomed many idol guests at her concerts.

9. Wow, it looks like New Jeans is already pretty busy with their schedule. this is impressive

10. Hey, please give me a seat.
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