[INSTIZ] Le Seraphim stylists are really quick to listen to comments.

This is how I wore the MV outfit
And yesterday on M Countdown. This is how the stylist organized the smart outfit + changed the length of the skirt
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Le Seraphim Stylists tend to listen to comments really quickly.
1. It was too much to make a music video
2. But why is everyone so crazy about school uniforms these days…? There are so many cuter outfits.
3. Isn’t it because of broadcasting rules?
4. This is much better

5. However, it is closer to a preppy style than a school uniform.

6. It’s a geek chic style, not a school uniform.

7. However, after changing it, it is much prettier and the harvest seems to be less expensive.

8. It’s better because I changed it.
9. However, the way the butt was exposed before the actual change was not very pretty, and regardless of the exposure, this is prettier.
10. Keep one looking prettier and the second will do the same.
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