Lucas is back at SNS after six months

Lucas update on Instagram on the first occasion since receiving his apology letter from August.

1. Never leave your bad.

2. I was able to recall the tweet I read that was hilarious:

“Lucas stop trying to make a case to make a comeback, you’re not a YouTuber and you don’t have to be back in the next six months or your monetization will be shut off.”

3. Can you post on an un-celebrity’s Instagram such as this? On Idol Issue?

4. Who are you?

5. Where do you think you’re crawling out

6. I noticed that all commentaries are made in English thanking the person for his visit and this irked me and I was constantly looking for Korean comments. They’re just exactly as hilarious as I had hoped. not to try to bring in the feelings.

7. Wow It’s amazing how hard he’s trying to create a mood with just one photo. What better way to start sharing your #ootds while you’re there

8. You shouldn’t be posting the Instagram of a non-celebrity like this.

9. Can you post on non-celebrities?

10. Do you not be respectful of the privacy of people who aren’t celebrities?

11. Oh, just screw it up. Don’t try to return. Leave

12. Is he hoping to make an opportunity to make a comeback?


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