Shocking research has shown that 46% of men still believe that sexual assault is blamed on the victim’s clothing.

Article: “Homosexuality is caused by revealing clothes”… half of the country still thinks so

Source: Money Today by Nate

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family surveyed 10,020 men between the ages of 19-64 last year and revealed the following results:

46.1% believed that the sexual assault occurred because of the victim’s revealing clothing.

39.7% believed that women falsely reported men for sexual violence for financial reasons, anger, or revenge (43.5% of men in their thirties)

32.1% believed that if the assault happened while the victim was drunk, the victim was also at fault.

31.9% believed that accepting a kiss or pet is also allowing sex

27.7% of men in their twenties believe that r*pe cannot be done if the victim objects

As for solutions, 16.7% voted that there should be a policy to prevent secondary damage to victims, 16.6% voted for environmental safety, and 13.9% voted for heavy penalties for people crime

[+372, -49] Sexual assault is not a problem with the clothes of the victim but a moral problem of the perpetrator. Normal people don’t commit sexual violence.

[+169, -21] I admit that showing off clothes has a scary pull, but the problem is that dogs can’t control their animal instincts.

[+157, -27] Are these guys crazy? How can they control themselves in stores without wanting to steal everything? These are all psychopaths.

[+91, -55] I admit that revealing clothes will make you a target, though

[+41, -27] I will not deny that revealing clothes have no effect

[+28, -21] Showing clothes is not 100% of the crime but it’s not 0% either, is it?

[+23, -16] But it’s true that revealing clothes can be a thing, how can you argue that it’s not?

[+17, -20] Aigoo, how can these old ideas not disappear from our society?? If someone cheats on their test by looking at the class sheet sitting in front of them, does that make the class wrong?? If a burglar comes in through an open window, does the person who opened the window allow the burglar in? Where do people get such disgusting ideas? We teach our children not to think in such a way. We teach them to behave like people. People who can’t control themselves like this, are just animals – clothes that show no blame.

[+16, -17] It may not be 100% of the reason but it can be some of the reasons! Most normal men can control themselves but it may be more difficult for a problem person because…

[+11, -8] But why is it wrong to think like that? You have to admit that it’s a group.

[+9, -5] The problem lies with criminals who can’t control their passions…but put a woman in revealing clothes with a woman who who is modestly dressed in front of such a crime, who do you think he will choose..??

[+8, -8] If clothing is to blame, how do you explain the attacks that happen in the middle of winter where everyone is wearing long coats..? All crimes of sexual violence must be blamed on the perpetrator. Anyone can be a victim and everyone should take safety precautions. We all lock our doors because we know we can be victims of a burglary, and we all avoid dark streets because we know that dangers may lurk there.

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