The leaked Kakao Talk shows Han Seo-hee entangled with a male idol.

article: Han Seo-hee, invited to a male idol’s house… “It was just fun to take off the hood and see my abs.”

source: Nate + Top Star News via Nate

[+77, -2] I saw it being spread on KakaoTalk. Haha. What kind of world is this? Haha. It's so amazing to be introduced to an idol and have a relationship like that…

[+30, -0] People like her really don't get attention.

[+26, -0] It’s like a modern version of Eoudon haha.

[+18, -0] You're not even a celebrity, so why are you always in the news?

[+18, -0] Why aren't her parents doing anything about her?

[+11, -3] In fact, this KakaoTalk message appears to have been leaked and not posted by the person himself.

[+8, -0] Our laws are so messed up… She should be in jail right now, not here, those who use KakaoTalk

[+5, -11] I always get confused between Han Sohee and Han Seohee ???? It's just a difference in personality.

[+4, -1] So why isn't she in jail yet???

[+1, -0] She failed as an idol so imagine how much she wants to bring others down with her.

[+1, -0] It's scary how consistent she is… constantly messing up.

[+1, -0] But why did he take off his hoodie?

[+1, -0] Just reveal their names lol They live in the animal kingdom.

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