[PANN] Photo of reporter Winter leaving the country aboard GMP

Wow, the medium blonde Winter is so pretty… I really want to see Winter at the SM concert.

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Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Reporter's photo of Winter with GMP leaving the country.

One. [+14, -2]
Damn, she's pretty ㅠㅠ I think she looks even prettier on stage than yesterday.

2. [+12, -2]
No, but he's really fucking pretty.

three. [+11, -1]
Even though the hair obscures his facial features, his face still devours everything. She is really pretty. It gives off a different vibe from when she debuted and looks even more unique. I wonder how much she managed on her own. Although I have a feeling I'll cover this hair with a different color.

4. [+10, -2]
So damn pretty

5. [+10, -1]
She looks prettier with short hair.
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