What was the discussion featured at the dinner table involving Park Jin Young and TWICE that these sort of lyrics have been written?

Feel Special (Lyricist: Park Jin Young)


The primary reason just why Park Jin Young had written this particular lyrics

In 2019, Park Jin Young had taken time to pay attention to the TWICE members opened up about the hard experiences they met in the four yrs after the debut of theirs

Right after listening to them, he produced this particular song

1. Among Twice ‘s songs, it is the very best song I have previously listened to

2. I am sure Park Jin Young is great at composing lyrics. I have been depressed recently, the lyrics grant me strength

3. Twice was challenging in past then.. They were the female group that got criticized likely the most for what is normal by the standards of mine

4. I am not really a fan, though I truly like the lyrics of this song

5. I believe the song is Twice ‘s greatest song

6. I truly love Feel Special, the lyrics are excellent and also the song is great too

7. I simply listened to this song just for the first-time and also I cried due to the lyrics ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I actually love the song

8. My personal favorite song.. The lyrics, the beat, the melody, things are perfect

9. The lyrics seem to be great and I sense really comfortable listening to it

10. I cried while listening to the song on my way home from job ㅠㅠ


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