[THEQOO] Hyeri Instagram update

hello. This is Hyeri.
First, we sincerely apologize for the recent unsavory speculation and controversy that has arisen due to personal feelings.
I don’t think I took into account the ripple effect that each of my small actions could have.
I sincerely apologize to everyone who was harmed by me.

Last November, news broke that their eight-year relationship was over.
It wasn't a decision made in a short period of time, and we talked about discussing it further even after the news of the breakup was announced. [sobre nuestra situación].
But we haven't had any contact or met since then.
And now, 4 months later, I think the feeling I felt after reading the new article was not as actress Lee Hye-ri, but simply as Lee Hye-ri.
I apologize once again for causing any harm due to my impulsive emotions.

Over the past few days, I have not explained the reasons for my behavior because I feel that our conversations are too personal and will only add to my fatigue. [del público].
I also apologize if this confuses anyone.

From now on, I will be more careful with my words and actions.
thank you

(This post will be deleted soon. Thank you.)

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Hyeri’s Instagram update.

1. It may be a natural feeling after dating for 8 years… ㅠㅠ I was on Hyeri's side from the beginning.
2. You're crazy… This isn't good manners to show to someone you've been in a relationship with for 8 years, but of course you feel like you've completely wasted your time since you didn't just break up and you need to spend some time thinking about it. That vague timeline and during which she only found out about this through her articles?
3. In the end, it was thanks to that man that the situation changed.
4. Some people end their breakup cleanly, but there are also couples who fight and break up and then get back together because the breakup is not the end. It will take some time for them to come back, but Hyeri and Ryu Jun-yeol were probably one of those repeat couples. I guess that's why I didn't continue to follow that person… That made me feel even more betrayed. I understand both.
5. Hyeri and Han Sohee are not responsible. The person who should have organized his mind more clearly is Ryu Jun-yeol. Looking at it this way, they really broke up in November, and they must have been worried about whether or not they should meet again and break up more cleanly. She should have just said that she has something to do with Han So-hee.
6. I understand Hyeri a lot.
7. I knew it would be like this, Hyeri, meet a better person.
8. As someone who has been in a relationship for a long time, I understand how he feels. And I probably wrote the statement over 20 times, so it must have been difficult.

9. The damage caused by that avoidant man was too great.
10. Hyeri received a lot of criticism without even criticizing her. Cheer up.
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