Hwang Jung-eum shed tears after divorce

article: Hwang Jung-eum bursts into tears with ‘brutal honesty’ over divorce

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+526, -5] Even though I try to act cool, I can feel my heart breaking ㅜㅜ Even if things are difficult right now, it's not all your fault, so I hope you get over it and live happily.

[+184, -2] With two beautiful children and your own money, what is there to worry about!! Shake it all off and focus on the happiness that awaits you.

[+140, -4] No matter how honestly and honestly I tell you, I don't think I will feel at ease.. ㅜㅜㅜㅜ It must have been a decision made after tens of millions of considerations for the sake of the two young children.. I believe that he is a really hard-working person. Going forward, I will focus on my life as an actress and mother.

[+11, -2] Don't cry, sister. Just focus on being happy.

[+8, -0] Don't cry~~ Now only happiness awaits you

[+4, -0] She has worked hard to get to the top here since her Sugar days. It's so sad that he did this to her even though she already gave him another chance after he cheated on her the first time.

[+4, -1] Yeah, it hurts my heart to see him like that.

[+2, -0] My heart aches because I'm crying ㅜㅜ It seemed like I was doing well on Instagram ㅠㅠ Who can understand the pain in my heart? ㅜㅜ Cheer up!

[+2, -0] Sometimes money and beauty can't protect you from this pain

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