Song Hye Gyo named Han So Hee for posting the ice bucket challenge

Article: Song Hye Gyo donates 10 million won to the ice bucket challenge, Han So Hee chooses to drive.

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+165] This combination of Han So Hee and Song Hye Gyo is perfect

[+156] Han So Hee’s inner thoughts: Dammit unni 😡

[+47] So you can’t join if you don’t have 10 million guests?

[+39] Imagine if he chose Song Joong Ki…

[+36] All are beautiful like paintings, feathers flock together 😍

[+3] I feel a bit forced to be chosen like this. Not only should you get wet, but I think it’s better to leave donations for people who want to volunteer.

[+1] They have a similar vibe

[+-] Glad to see they have such a close relationship that they call each other names like that

[+-] Donating money with friends like this should be fun