Freezia tours her new house

1. [+435] You’re talking about her as if she’s murdered someone.

2. [+395] Yes, her agency most likely rented her the home.

3. [+305] Why is she returning so quickly?

4. [+424] Whether you’ve deceived someone, overused drugs, drunk and drove, gambled, bullied someone… whatever the circumstance, our nation makes it very simple for celebrities to return.

5. [+70] She can return, but her image has already plummeted.

6. [+69] Why are there so many negative comments here?

7. [+18] I’m sure her Chinese agency got her this mansion.

8. [+24] She returned merely to gloat again?

9. [+27] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ People are nasty to female celebrities while protecting male celebrities who take drugs, drink and drive, conduct s*xual assault or pr*stitution, and fans are constantly like “our oppa you’ve endured so much”;

10. [+2] The more she shares about her personal life, the more hostility she will get.

11. [+10] Is it really her residence this time?

12. [+21] She claims to have returned after a time of introspection, yet her material is nothing more than self-promotion. She must adore boasting.

13. [+117] I believe her agency secured her this home. Most individuals know how many pyeongs (sizes) their own houses are when they purchase them, and for her to not know how many pyeongs a house as large as 70-pyeong is suggests she didn’t sign the deal herself.

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