Ryu Jun-yeol denied that Hyeri's breakup and dating rumors overlapped.

article: Ryu Jun-yeol's side “He started dating Han So-hee after breaking up, and his personality rights are being violated.”

source: Newsen via Nate

[+282, -30] It's fun. He makes money by selling his face to gain fame, and he calls it a violation of his personal rights because he was caught out on a date. Just quit your job and never come back.

[+129, -7] Fans have already been posting photos proving that they have been dating since early November.. Now it's all downhill from there.

[+108, -13] How can he deny the fact that he started dating Han So-hee after 7 years of dating and did not go straight away after breaking up with Hye-ri? Come on, man!!!!!

[+93, -15] The timing on this is so wrong. Image is everything in this career, and Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee have handled it in the worst way. You are monsters who do not deserve any personal rights.

[+51, -4] I don’t think all of this is going well for Hyeri.

[+16, -1] Can you imagine if your boyfriend was clicking on a photo of his girlfriend from the outside, and then suddenly went on a date with that person after breaking up?…

[+16, -2] Now I don't like either of them…

[+15, -3] A trash character that looks like a squid

[+14, -2] Wow… why am I so disappointed…

[+8, -2] I'm so sick of celebrities thinking they can make everyone mad by threatening lawsuits.

[+7, -1] Hyeri is not someone who wants to be in the spotlight, and while they were dating, she knew that she had some bad feelings about her, so she chose to unfollow her now… I feel so bad about the relationship between Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee. I took care of this.

[+3, -1] Hyeri was clearly upset because she sensed this was happening when they broke up. Why did she invite Han So-hee to her own photo exhibition when they had never worked together?

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