[PANN] Illit Yoona revealed the importance of concept.

I watched Bad Girl and Good Girl. Why do I look more like a celebrity there?

On the other hand, I don't think it fits the ILLIT concept.
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Article: Illit Yoona revealed the importance of concept.
One. [+46, -1]
Now they are taking adult girls instead of high school students and giving them a baby concept… I bet they hate their concept too, but I hope they give it to them after reading the next comeback room. What they really want. The suit too… what kind of disaster is this?

2. [+45, -1]
I really agree with what you said, it's like Kahi singing Pretty Girl.

three. [+38, -1]
I think Youngseo would have been a better fit for ILLIT.
4. [+37, -1]
Seriously, she looks very mature, but I think she needs to fit the concept better, whether it's by lowering her bangs, getting a hime cut, or changing her makeup.
5. [+29, -1]
She appears to be a substitute teacher for high school students.
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