Big Hit’s possibly next male band members at last uncovered

Leo (age 21) – Australia

Sangwon (age 20) – Korea

James (age 18) – Hong Kong

Jihoon (age 16) – Korea

JJ (age 17) – Japan/U.S

Jo Woo Chan (age 18) – Korea

Yorch (Age 21) – Thai

1. There are numerous unfamiliar individuals, so I don’t feel it resembles a Kpop band… Besides, I disdain Chinese and Japanese artists.

2. Just 3 Korean individuals among 7??

3. If by some stroke of good luck 3 individuals are Koreans, do they converse with one another in Korean?

4. It isn’t similar to a K-pop band. What number of outsiders?

5. Big Hit is really sillyㅋㅋㅋ A K-pop band without outsiders is better

6. There are numerous outsiders, so I figure they won’t function admirably in Korea;

7. Ahhh… Seems like they are not a Korean bandㅋㅋ

8. BTS has Jin, V, Jungkook; TXT has Beomgyu, Taehyun. Be that as it may, who is the visual of this band?

9. Despite the fact that they prevail with BTS, they are additionally strolling on the similar street as different organizations, not much

10. I surmise they don’t focus on the Korean market

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