These are the feelings I’ve experienced while living my life

1. I can’t get support from everyone. It is best to live by my beliefs/intentions. This is because I will be hated by people who don’t like me.

2. Your quality of life and lifestyle will be transformed if you purchase a car. Even if you don’t have the money right now, you should consider buying a car in your late 20s . You’ll be able to appreciate it once you own it… I am not a millionaire. I worked part-time for six months, and then bought my car with a lump sum.

3. A high self-esteem is not a good thing. People will view you as an empty can if you have high self-esteem, but lack the skills to support it.

4. You can still improve your self-esteem by running to it. After three months, things will look completely different.

5. “Clothes-fit”, is something you are born with My frame is still…

6. It is amazing how fast time goes. It was shocking to see my parents’ white hairs…

7. It is okay to be kind, but only to a certain extent. People will take advantage of you if you are too kind. It is important to stand firm against the things that you don’t like and to decline the things that you love.

8. This world is not perfect. I lived a happy and healthy life, but I was also hurt badly once. I realized that I won’t always be able to have good health ….. and I began to be thankful for everything.

9. Do not try to convince a friend who is into pseudo-religions. If they believed in a weak faith, and could not change their beliefs with what you said, they would have come out ….. It’s better to give up on them or tell their parents. You can then just end your relationship …. with them. It will only lead to more problems.

10. Celebrities can also be human. Celebrities, politicians, athletes, and YouTubers were always thought to be different than ordinary people. But, it isn’t true. They eat, poop and curse, and they do all the same things as us ….. They are human like us. They became well-known by proving their talents.

11. Money will never betray even your friends, As I grew older, this is what saddened most about me…money is the best.

12. It is amazing to see how people turn out. You should never give in, even if you hit rock bottom. Who can predict what your life will look like?

13. Always choose the things you are good at.

14. Your school cliques matter more than you think …. and you’ll see this when you get out into the world. This applies to everything, not just being employed, but also in marriage, dating and business. If you are part of a strong academic clique, there isn’t one negative thing that could happen.

15. Be kind to everyone. Some people think everyone is as kind as them, even though they may be innocent. There are many trash people in the world.

16. Don’t worry about it too much. You may have many worries even if they seem small. Worrying will not change anything.

17. Do not abandon your relationships because you are stuck in the past. There are many good people out there. Do not stay with someone s*ty because you have been friends for a while.

18. Children who speak big don’t actually achieve much. Don’t be afraid

19. It is absurd to say that studying is easy. It will take a toll on your health ….. if you study seriously. However, I have seen many people who do not study as hard as they should and still claim it is easy. My uncle lost 20kg when he went to law school.

20. Do not overanalyze what others say. It is rare to find people who listen carefully when they speak.

21. It’s so nice to be able to turn off your phone at a certain time during the day. My personal preference is to close my phone three hours before going to sleep and listen to the ocean waves while I meditate. It’s so relaxing!

22. You don’t have to know what to do, but you can pick up any item. Exercise and travel are two of the best things you can do.


Netizen Reactions

1. After you have more life experience, please write again.

2. You can do everything right, but you need to be careful about your marriage. Even if you do follow all of these tips and you become a cool person, if you marry the wrong person, you’ll be in serious trouble. Do not make decisions in the rush of the moment. It is important to think through hundreds of scenarios before you make a decision. If you feel that the person you are considering marrying is right for your needs, then do so. If I could travel back in time, I’d live alone.

3. I don’t know what the rest think, but #2 isn’t it. Save as much as possible in your 20s to buy a house when you are in your 30s.

4. Your friends are your best friend when you’re young. Even your best friends will soon be gone. Let’s treat our children, partners and families better!

5. OP must be at least 30 years old.


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