[PANN] They say Illit's choreography is very similar to other groups.

Le Seraphim – Fearless

Kim Chaewon Hero Step

New Jeans – Attention
It looks so similar, right?

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Article: Some say that Illit's choreography is too similar to that of other groups.

One. [+57, -1]
Isn’t this just noise marketing? We shouldn't pay any more attention to them.
2. [+54, -1]
They even copied the training. fistAre they crazy…?
three. [+36, -1]
I think it was probably added for viral marketing haha.
4. [+16, -1]
First, we gritted our teeth and tried to imitate other groups. In general, these movements are very common, but they are irrefutable because they try to tie them all together for viral marketing.
5. [+12, -1]
Le Seraphim's 'Step' was very popular overseas even before Easy came out.
6. [+10, 0]
Although it is short, it also overlaps with the Ditto dance. I don't know much about dance, so I'm not sure, but looking at the overlapping parts, even if I can't say it's plagiarism, I think I should at least admit that I referenced it.
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