[PANN] People demanding the closure of Karina's fan site haha

In addition to these two fan sites, many fan sites have been opened, and there are many people who still love Karina. People want to push the 'fan site gets shut down' agenda as much as possible. Why do you want to see Karina and aespa fail so badly? In fact, there are still many people who support and love Karina, so please stop posting her hateful posts.
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Article: People demanding the closure of Karina’s fan site haha
One. [+59, -18]
Their fan site has started promoting it again ㅇㅇ.

2. [+55, -21]
Look at the dissenting votes hahahaha. The true identity of the women is revealed ㅠhahaha.
three. [+53, -13]
The fans thought that all the Karina fan sites were closed, and in other posts, they pretended to shed crocodile tears and sympathized, but on the other hand, everyone was happy, but now that a post that does not hate Karina has been posted, they have downvoted that person's post again lol.

4. [+46, -12]
Korea's largest fan sites, Just and Vibe, have already revealed their reasons for not attending the Crush event through Weibo, but they have not abandoned their fandom.

5. [+33,-16]
Honestly, what's funny is that if you go to YouTube, his comments are completely opposite to Pan's comments. Everyone still supports her, telling her not to read her hateful comments and to eat well.
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