Actress Song Ha-yoon is accused of assaulting a high school student 20 years ago.

article: “Please explain the school bullying rumors” Song Ha-yoon’s Instagram incident… Attention as ‘Actor S’ in bullying scandal

source: Top star news through Nate

[+83, -2] Maybe that's why she hasn't done anything since 'Fight for My Way'! She was scared that rumors would get out about her… Well, it looks like her last drama has finally pushed her away for good haha.

[+43, -1] Answer me, you son of a bitch.

[+35, -1] It's so duplicitous haha.

[+2, -3] Rumors like this always appear when a star reaches a certain level of fame… no one said anything when he was playing a supporting role, but now that he's playing a leading role…

[+2, -0] Schools need to start including in their textbooks that if you play one line in school you will lose the jackpots you win in life because they will always haunt you.

[+2, -0] The higher you fall, the more it hurts

[+2, -0] Never trust celebrities

article: “I was slapped in the face for 90 minutes” Actress S, who became famous for playing a villain, exposes the school bully

source: Nate

[+99, -1] I remember a post posted on a women's community a long time ago… She said that her classmate was bullying her so much that she had to transfer schools.

[+72, -0] But did you still have the audacity to shed tears on ‘Knowing Bros’?

[+50, -0] Ugh, we'll find out anyway, so leave out their names ㅡㅡ

[+49, -0] We went to the same school in Bucheon (I'm scared so I won't say more), but it's been a while since I appeared on Knowing Brothers, so I thought it would be a little different…

[+45, -0] An actress with ‘Wow’?? omg

[+14, -0] I don't know, I got a strange feeling about her…

[+6, -9] It's really unfortunate. Especially now that she is getting her fame.

[+4, -0] oh my…

[+1, -0] If you search for a non-blurry photo on Google, it's Song Ha-yoon!

[+1, -0] Wow~~The anger acting is so natural….

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